psykosociala förbundet

Psykosociala förbundet rf

Psykosociala förbundet Finland's Swedish-speaking National Psychosocial Central Association was founded in 1984 and has 14 constituent organizations, of which one is a relatives association.

The aim of the association is to:

  • spread information about the mentally ill and their problems
  • encourage rehabilitation of the mentally ill and their means of sustenance
  • organize events for information and education
  • contribute to the founding of local psychosocial associations
  • support and cooperate with the relatives
  • follow and encourage development in psychiatry

The association has since 1985 yearly organized rehabilitation camps. The camps are funded by the Department of Social Security and the Slot-Machine Association. Further information can be obtained from Psykosociala förbundet.

The newspaper Psykosociala förbundet NYTT Respons has been published since 1992.

The association belongs to the NFSMH and has representatives in its governing body. Cooperation with the World Health Organization WHO takes place at this level.

Every year seminars are organized by the association, often with foreign guests who inform about new progress and development in health care. Recreational trips are organized and activity with weekend duty is maintained.

The association provides information and speaks in social questions with the united strength and experience of the membership organizations.

We all need more knowledge and insights in order to understand our own needs and modes of action, as well as those of our fellow human beings.

We need each other, we need understanding, warmth and community and this more than ever if we end up in a crisis or are effected by mental ill health. The psychosocial associations are open for everyone who wants to help themselves or others!

Translation: Stefan Malmberg

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